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Vendor Registration Process

Vendor Registration Process

After a vendor has been screened and is invited to upload its products on our website, the vendor registration process begins.

If a manufacturer has an exclusive distributor in a country and wishes we don't take order from that country, manufacturer can publish that information on its webpage on our website. We will then not accept direct orders from that country. We will only take direct orders from that country only when the manufacturer instructs us to do so on an individual basis.

Manufacturer/vendor is responsible to maintain his own web page on our website. 

Registration Process

Manufacturers (or Vendors) can upload their products on an exclusive page on SVEL.us. Through that webpage, manufacturers can sell, use our One-Stop Spare Parts Shipping Service or use our Export Operations Service. Currently, letter of credit management service is provided offline.

Manufacturer can upload its product on our website with the following information:

a) Product name*

b) Product number*

c) Product description*

d) Product picture (optional but highly recommended)*

e) Product pricing table (only final price will be displayed to the buyer which includes SVEL fees)

f) HSN code # for each product (for international shipping) (will only appear in the invoice to the buyer)

g) Whether product requires an end user statement?*

h) Whether product requires export license (Export Control Classification Number - ECCN information)?*

i) Pickup address for the goods (please note that shipment is taken from your warehouse and delivered to the buyer directly)*

j) Shipping weight and size of individual products*

k) Material availabilty and lead time for each products (for custom order)*

l) Return policy for each product*

m) Warranty for each product*

n) Payment Condition:

    Accept payment through Letter of Credit?* Yes/No. 

    (Credit card payment, advance payments are universally accepted)  

o) Certificates manufacturer will provide*:

   i) Certificate of origin will be from which country

   ii) Warrany certificate

   iii) Test certificate

p) Manufacturer will provide installation support of the product in the exported country (yes if it is through a distributor)?*

q) Product troubleshooting will be provided online by the manufacturer?*

r) Return policy included on the website?* 

s) Exclusive distributors (write country names) where buyers can't buy directly*:

t) SVEL can extend credit to the buyer's bank (conditions apply)*: yes/no

u) Volume discount pricing available?

v) Domestic taxes: Which states you want us to collect the taxes for?


* This information will be displayed to the buyer



Vendor Registration Form (Preliminary)