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Why You Should Join SVEL.us Platform?

1) Increase Your Sales: Get access to our international fully integrated e-commerce sales platform (where you will get an exclusive webpage) at no charge and sell to global companies (including the US). SVEL.us portal is designed to honor your existing relationships with your worldwide distributors.

2) Save Time Executing the Transactions: We handle all aspect of transactions from Quotation to Cash (QTC) enabling you to focus on your core business. 

3) Avoid Exporting Headache: We take care of all export operations (international shipping/export compliance) and receive payments from international buyers on your behalf.

4) Outsource Worldwide Spare Part Shipping: When you sell a system, you still have to provide prompt spare parts delivery worldwide. We help manufacturers by taking over the sales and logistics of promptly making spare parts available to the buyers.

5) Accept Letter of Credit (LC) Payment: Many international buyers buy only when they can pay through LC - a time consuming and expensive for most US manufacturers. Our LC management platform work with US banks and provides full advisory LC services that saves you time and money.

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Registration Process Step:

(We recommend seller to read more about Vendor Registration Process prior to submitting the Preliminary Vendor Registration Form) 

1) Vendor submits the Preliminary Vendor Registration Form (Start Now)

2) SVEL International gets back to the vendor via email:

     i)   Provides Account access information

     ii)  Provides information regarding fees charged for various services and other details.

     iii) Invites vendor/manufacturer to upload its products and description on an exclusive webpage at SVEL.us.

3) Vendor products and spare parts are made available for sales.