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OZ Optics

Established in 1985 in Canada. Products include: Adjustable Collimators/Focusers, Backreflection-Meter, Circulators, Collimators/Focusers, Directional Taps, Extinction Ratio Meter, Fiber Length Meter, Faraday Mirrors/Rotators, Fixed/Tunable Filters, Fixed/Variable/Digital Attenuators, Hermetically Sealable Patchcords, High Power Combiners/ Isolators/Shutters/Safety Interlocks/Mode Field Adaptors/Optical Coatings/Patchcords/Connectors, Insertion Loss Test-Sets, Laser and Photo Diode to Fiber Couplers, Laser Diode Collimators, Laser to Fiber Delivery Systems, MEMS Variable Attenuators, Mini-Power Meters, Optical Coatings, Optical Delay Lines, OTDR/Fault-Finder, PDL Test-Sets, PM/SM/MM Fused Fiber Couplers, Polarized Sources, Polarization Maintaining Patchcords/Connectors/Splitters, Polarization Rotators/Controllers/Analyzers, PDL Emulators, Power Monitors, RGB Combiners, Smart Patchcords & Wireless Fiber for Power and Wavelength Monitoring, Tapered/Lensed Fibers, Termination Kits, Terminators, Turnkey Laser Diode Sources, Universal Connectors/Hybrid Patchcords, Vacuum Feedthroughs, V Grooves, Visual Fault Locators, WDM's, OZ-PEN, PM/SM Switch, Ultra –Narrow-Line-Width-Stable Laser Source.

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