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About Us


Our mission is to help worldwide companies, government organizations, universities and research institutes procure most suitable US goods and services at the lowest overall cost.

How are we accomplishing our mission?/What do we do?

At the heart of the inventions in the U.S. are small and medium size companies. Small and medium size companies often have superior products at lower cost than the products carried by large companies. We work with reputed manufacturers in any particular field.

We also provide a complete international sales platform to U.S.-based small and medium size companies. We take transaction ownership as we have significant expertise in international transactions.  This means that US vendors only do a domestic transaction.

Value-added reseller of reliable products to international markets

We enable international companies (wholesalers, distributors, end-users, government organizations) to directly procure goods from the USA.  

Value we provide to the international buyers:

1. Better payment terms and conditions than normally provided by the US manufacturers
2. Reputed and reliable products at lower cost of procurement
3. Prompt service

Value we provide to the US manufacturers:

1. Your transaction is domestic with us and we take delivery in the US
2. We have superior, on-time payment history with our vendors
3. US manufacturers outsource their worldwide spare parts order processing and shipment