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Conditions of use



Buying Process on SVEL.us

US manufacturers (and some times foreign manufacturers) are given an e-commerce sales platform on SVEL.us. They maintain their own page and sell their products within the framework of the rules laid out by SVEL.us (which are in turn governed by the US export laws, business conditions of sellers and other third-parties). 

During the checkout process, buyers can select the products they want, shipping charges and payment fees are automatically added. For more details on shipping, please visit: 

How to get quotation?: Many buyers 

Buyer Purchase Order/Seller's Invoice

Once a buyer checks out and makes the PAYMENT, buyer can downloade a pdf copy of the sales order. This document also acts as seller's invoice to the buyer and will be used for export related documentation.

Buyer acknowledges that seller (also referred to as manufacturer or vendor) is the seller of the goods. SVEL.us is a service company that facilitates the transaction and collects the payment on behalf of the seller or act as an agent to collect the payment on seller's behalf.




Shipping Documents

International buyer often requires additional documents with the shipment. These documents include but are not limited to manufacturer's warranty certificate, country of origin certificate and test certificate. The documents that the manufacturer can ship with the product are listed on the product page maintained by the manufacturer. Buyer should select the documents that are needed to go with the shipment.


Possible Reasons For Shipment Delay After Purchase 

We make every effort to ship the goods as soon as possible. Read about 

For international purchases, your shipment may be delayed after you have purchased an item if further export related formalities are required to be done to comply with US laws. We make every effort to keep you UPDATED.

Manufacturers maintain their own pages on our website. We are not responsible for information maintained on their pages including errors that may delay your international shipment and/or increase prices. If you have purchased an item and for any reason you want to cancel your order, the manufacturer must agree to cancel the order. We will make all reasonable efforts to do so.  

We understand that in many cases, you will require a quotation even for the items for which prices are mentioned on our website. At the time of checkout, you can simply save your order or print it out. Please note that we can't guarantee the prices when you return for purchase as the manufacturer maintains his own page.