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Export Operations/Export License

Export Operations & International Tariffs in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Compliance


Export Operations For OTC (Order to Cash)

We provide complete export operations process and document support to both the seller and the buyer for the entire duration of the international OTC transaction. Our support includes the following:

1) Provide a fully integrated B2B e-commerce platform highlighting seller's products to the buyer. 

2) Convey seller's export related requirements for each product to the buyer. This includes whether buyer will require to send an end user statement or if export license is required.

3) Collect the payment from the buyer as per the requirement. 

4) Make sure that the buyer complies with the US export laws as conveyed by the seller to us. We can do all necessary paperwork regarding obtaining export license for a particular transaction including obtaining the end user statement.

5) Place the order directly from the buyer to the seller.

5) Prepare the export documents.

6) Ship the products or facilitate the shipment with the seller.

7) Provide custom clearance in all countries where we are allowed to ship as per US laws.


We don't ship to the comprehensively embargoed countries: Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Crimea (Region of Ukranie).

We also don't ship to any target sanctioned country: Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Belarus, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Liberia, Zimbabwe, Balkans, the Cote D'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast). This list is frequently updated.

We will stop the shipment to any buyer (irrespective of the country the buyer is located in) if we find the shipment is directed to these countries. We will deduct any expenses that our vendors/manufacturer or we have to incur in stopping the shipment to go through.

We follow the above rules irrespective of the country in which the manufacturer is based out of. Manufacturer is responsible to follow all export laws in his home country.

Organizations & people banned from receiving goods from us: We follow both Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and US Department of Commerce Entity Lists to block people from receiving the goods.

Buyer is responsible to follow all import rules in his home country.

International Tariffs in Arms Regulations (ITAR)/ Export License 

Seller is responsible for determining if the product requires export license. Seller provides this information to us while registering the products on the website.

If the seller requires an export license before shipping the product, we will apply for the export license for the transaction as an authorized agent of the seller. There is an extra fees that will be charged to the buyer. We will collect the funds from the buyer including the charges for the export license. Seller is not supposed to ship the goods until we inform the seller. If for some reason, export license is denied, we will refund the money to the buyer minus our expenses.  

If the seller is not sure if the export license is required, we can help the seller find that out for an extra fees. It is recommened that the seller determine the ITAR status prior to selling the products to international market. Please contact us for more details.