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Services For Manufacturers/Vendors

SVEL International provides following services to Manufacturers/Vendors:


Worldwide Online Sales

Companies from any country (allowed by US laws) can buy your products on SVEL.us through an exclusive a page where you can post your pricing and conditions. We accept payment from your buyer and complete all shipment, export related paperwork on your behalf for international transactions. Shipment is directly picked up from your warehouse.  

If you have exclusive distributors in some countries, then we don't accept orders from the end users in those countries. While registering your products on our website, you can mention the countries in which end users can't buy directly. 

Note: For all sales, buyer's PO order is addressed to the vendor/manufacturer but the payment from the buyer is collected by us.


One-stop Spare Parts Shipment Solution to US Manufacturers

Many US manufacturers mention to us that shipping spare parts to international end customers requires as much paperwork as shipping an actual product. It is a distraction to them. Our One-Stop Spare Parts Shipment comes handy to US manufacturers as we can globally ship the parts to their end customers or distributors.

1) US manufacturers can upload their spare parts information and pricing on the e-commerce website, SVEL.us.

2) US manufacturers' international buyers or distributors can make the purchase of the spare parts on our website. For free shipment or under warranty products, buyers are not charged and are provided a discount code.

3) We collect the Payment from the buyers or distributors.

4) We create the export paperwork for the shipment.

5) We arrange for shipment pickup from the US manufacturers' warehouse.

By outsourcing their entire spare parts logistics and shipping process to us, US manufacturers can concentrate on their core business while providing excellent support to their existing customers.


One-stop Export Operations

This service is suitable for those manufacturers who have established international sales channels but may find it useful to have a third-party perform export operations. We perform QTC (Quotation To Cash) services through this website. We take care of all the export compliances as well. End customers are restricted to buy products direclty and only authorized distributors can buy the products. 

Note: For all exports, ITAR compliance/export licenses formalities are fulfilled by us. To read about export operations and licensing Click Here.


Advisory Letter of Credit (LC) Management Platform

If you are a US manufacturer and your international buyer wants to pay you through LC, you can outsource your entire advisory LC process to us. We can also offer credit to your international buyer's Bank. Learn more about letter of credit Click Here.


Credit to Your Buyer

One of the advantages we provide to our manufacturers is to offer credit to their buyers. Manufacturers are paid on time as per the contract. Credit is offered for transactions that go through letter of credit. Please read more about the service Click Here.